Snoopy siblings meet in your Town!

    Experience the Snoopy's Family Reunion with this new Update. Meet Marbles!
    >> Download the update

    WHAT'S NEW? (Starting March 7th)
    - Marbles is in town! Make him have a good time!
    - Make all the Snoopy siblings perform new animations together.
    - Help Charlie Brown take care of all the puppies.

    NEW CONTENT! (Level 40+ Content)
    - 1 New Character! Marbles!
    - 10 New Decorations like the Belle's Beauty Studio, Jalapeño Farm and Bubblegum Machine.
    - 10+ New Items like Dog treat, Ball of wool and Cactus.
    - 10 New animations like Shower Time, Cactus shopper and Big band.