EASTER IS HERE: Join the Peanuts Gang!

    Easter is coming and Sally is planning an Easter egg hunt, but Linus doesn’t see the point since the Easter Beagle will bring eggs for everyone! Speaking of the Easter Beagle, will he wake up in time? Play now for free

    VALENTINE’S DAY IS HERE: Who’s dancing with Charlie Brown?

      Valentine’s Day brings love, hearts, and… someone wants to dance with Charlie Brown! Can newcomer Emily end Charlie Brown’s loneliness by being his dance partner? Will Lucy and Schroeder find romance at a coffee shop recital? Who will be Peppermint Patty’s date for the Sweetheart Ball? Can Cupid Snoopy help hearts find true love? And are dogs allowed to dance? Find out in this new update!

      Winter Games 2021 are here

        The WINTER GAMES ARE HERE and the Peanuts Gang is forming a hockey team while Peppermint Patty and the World-Famous Skating Coach train in figure skating.
        Also, the baseball team can’t be left behind: José Peterson is joining them so talent won’t be missed. Are you ready? Play now Snoopy for free

        Christmas is coming to Snoopy’s Town Tale

          The most beautiful time of the year has come! Celebrate it with your favorite gang. Our Christmas event is LIVE! Let’s meet Sophie! The new member of the Peanuts Gang comes this Christmas to join a rather fun camp. Or so thinks Peppermint Patty…
          Play the game for free