Make Dungeon-Crawler Games!

    Download Now! Create your own Dungeon-Crawler game with this new update! Ready to explore dungeons full of traps & enemies?

    What’s New?
    - 1 new Hero: Swipe Knight, a top-down character who can be upgraded
    - 5 Enemies: Goblin, Shield Goblin, Crossbow Goblin, Miner Goblin and Snake.
    - 4 Spirits: they patrol specific areas and affect your status: Confusion, Ice, Fire, Acid
    - 2 new Hazards: Rotoblade and ElectroCoil.
    - And more: Jump Pad, Moving Platforms, Redirector, Teleportal, Destroyable Vase, Knight Coins.

    Easter comes to Snoopy’s Town

      Download now – Kick-off your Easter celebration with your favorite gang! Revive the Easter Beagle story!

      WHAT’S NEW?
      - Meet Mimi! She is active, and works on her flowers all day!
      - Share Sweets and Easter Cards with your favorite characters.
      - Help Charlie and Linus find the Easter Eggs

      - 1 New Character! Mimi!
      - 20+ New Decorations like the Hopping bunnies, Flowery Country House and Bunny LED Marquesine.
      - 10+ New Items like Easter Cookie, Carrot Cupcake and Deluxe Egg.
      - 15+ New animations like Easter Nap, Baking Cupcakes and Angel Voice.

      Build Pixelated Worlds – Under Construction

        Build Pixelated Worlds with @TheSandboxGame We’re happy to be featured this week on the App Store in “Under Construction” listing
        Play Now >>
        #pixelart #pixel #game #indie #GameMaker

        “Draw Your Monster” Contest!

          Here is your chance to bring your very own monster to life. Submit your drawings (as comment) for a chance to see included in the game.
          Submission deadline is April 15th, 2018

          Goosebumps HorrorTown Trailer

            The game is currently available in Canada and Australia, learn more at
            R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps monsters have come to haunt your phone! Build a town and fill it with the scariest of monsters from the hit horror series.
            Gather a scary assortment of sinister creatures and terrify townsfolk, or play as humans to defend against the monsters!