Santa to the Rescue in Christmas Update!

    WINTERVAL IS HERE! There has been a revolt in the North Pole. The reindeers were taken hostage and only Santa Nick can rescue them!
    Play now with this update!

    Get the new Winterval Pack and unlock all this content:
    ▪ New Santa Nick skins for Caveman, Fujin and Arnold.
    ▪ The North Pole Reindeer. You need to save them all to win the level.
    ▪ Rogue Elf. These revel workers will attack you on sight.
    ▪ New Decorations for your Winterval town!
    ▪ Gift. Reach them and get some valuable items for your heroes.
    ▪ The Grouch. He will leave fake gifts that explode when opened!

    Build Pixelated Worlds – Under Construction

      Build Pixelated Worlds with @TheSandboxGame We’re happy to be featured this week on the App Store in “Under Construction” listing
      Play Now >>
      #pixelart #pixel #game #indie #GameMaker

      It’s PIXEL ART COLORING time!

        It’s PIXEL ART COLORING TIME with this new update! => Download it Now!
        Get Ready to Color Pixel Art! Start by choosing from a wide range of pixel art drawings made by the community of Sandboxers. Then it’s your turn to make & share your drawings online for others to colorify

        Fancy a smart way to pass time? Enjoy a zen & relaxing activity and practise your drawing skills at any age!

        New Features:
        - Mini-palette that gives you quick access to your currently selected Palette
        - Unlimited Zoom to be able to show your creations as they were meant to be seen.
        - Image Filters that allow you to make quick transformations to your whole drawing.
        - A link to access the original LineArt level in each “Colored” level.

        Craft and Play with The Sandbox Evolution

          We’re happy to see The Sandbox Evolution featured this week on the App Store “Craft and play” selection together with Minecraft & Scribblenauts games!

          Change your Hero Skin!

            New Update is out now, download it here This update brings exciting stuff for both players and creators!
            + New SKINS system: choose which Hero you want to be!
            Play inside any user-made level and choose among 27 new skins for our 3 most popular heroes: Arnold, Avatar and Brainiac. Do you want to be a Hitman, a Rambo, a Terminator, a Disco Dancer, a Pumpkin Head, a Lizard, a Zombie, a Rapper or a Diva?
            + TRY any element you like before you fully unlock it.