PIXOWL / Snoopy's Town Tale

Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale

Help Snoopy recreate the town and bring the Peanuts gang together.

Snoopy will write about the neighborhood and introduce this new kid to all his favorite people and places. Start with a blank slate and set off on an adventure full of fun and imagination.

Enjoy Christmas time with Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang!

    Christmas is coming! Wrap and craft gifts for your favorite Peanuts characters!

    - Snow is falling! Make your town have the best Christmas ever!
    - Craft all the gifts in the Christmas Tower!
    - Complete all the new Christmas Quests!
    - New Tap & Hold feature!
    - New Quest to visit Charlie Town!

    - 20+ New Items to collect and craft, such as Pecan Pie, Elf Costume and Ice Cream.
    - 15+ Narrative Quests to experience!
    - 25+ New Buildings, such as Christmas Tower, Christmas Bakery and Decorated Bottles!

    Celebrate Thanksgiving with Snoopy

      Celebrate Thanksgiving with Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang! Play now for free

      - 5+ NEW Decorations like Rustic Wood Chair, Wooden Water Tower and Grain Silo.
      - 5+ NEW Items including Hasselback Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce and Brussels Sprouts.
      - 2+ NEW animations like Sweet Potato Harvesting and Brussels Sprouts Harvesting

      - New Promotion Tab on the Bank!
      - New Packs!
      - Added performance improvements!
      - NEW Inventory UI!
      - Several bug fixes!

      “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Event Update!

        Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.
        Play with Snoopy & Charlie now!

        WHAT’S NEW? (Starting September 13th)
        - New Charlie Town Quest!
        - New constant packs!
        - Bug fixed the Supplier ON/OF mechanic!
        - Bug fixed the Gift Gauge!
        - Bug fixed the road edit mode!
        - Bug fixed multi placeable buildings in quests!
        - Bug fixed for Character Portraits!

        NEW CONTENT!
        - 1 New Character! Faron the Cat!
        - 5+ New Decorations like Horror Tree, Scary Pumpkins and a Small Castle!
        - 5+ New Items like Jack O’ Lantern costume, Sweet Tooth and Sweet Box!
        - 10+ New animations like Clown toy practice, Who is Jack O’Lantern? and Ghost stories…

        It’s Back to School for Charlie and the gang!

          It’s back to school time! Late to the bus? Help Charlie and the gang have all their supplies for the science fair! Play now the new in-game event!

          WHAT’S NEW? (Starting September 13)
          - Meet Patty! She’s strong, and she became best knowns with Violet for their social snobbery and combined cruelty!
          - Share Glitter and Staplers with your favorite characters.
          - Help Sally to get to class on time!
          - Craft all new objects to earn the Science fair pass, and maybe reach the final special reward!

          NEW CONTENT!
          - 1 New Character! Patty!
          - 5+ New Decorations like Book Sculpture, Lego Lightbulb and a Joe Preppy Statue!
          - 5+ New Items like Paint pallet, Cardboard and Plant analysis.
          - 10+ New animations like Where is the dungeon?, They did it again! and Little girls are made of…

          Snoopy goes on a Safari Adventure!

            Have a Safari adventure and experience a beautiful day with your favorite characters!

            WHAT’S NEW? (Starting August 10)
            - Meet Dolores! She’s shy but lovely, and her family runs the Safari!
            - Share Fluffy Teddys and Stickers with your favorite characters.
            - Craft all new objects to earn the Safari Instructor Kit, and maybe reach the final special reward!

            NEW CONTENT!
            - 1 New Character! Dolores!
            - 5+ New Decorations like Safari Truck, Elephant Fountain and a Stuffed Animal Store!
            - 5+ New Items like Animal food, Stickers and Safari Shirt!
            - 10+ New animations including Showing dolls, Opening the Safari and Hopping like a Kangaroo!

            Note: An internet connection is required to play the game