Update 1.9990: New Cutethulu Monster!

    The new update of The Sandbox is now available, download it now!

    What’s new in The Sandbox 1.9990?
    - New Monster: Cutethulu. A giant flying Monster that can summon hordes of minions through portals and invoke a Meteor shower down to rain upon its foes.
    - New Enemy: Spawn of Cutethulu: Flying minions that serve Cutethulu that kamikaze in its name with an explosive attack that turns most living elements into Aberrations.

    Garfield – Featured on the App Store

      Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is featured this week on the App Store, play now the best simulation town-builder game with Garfield and his friends – Download for Free!

      Featured in Best New Game Updates

        The newest update of The Sandbox, proposing you to control & fight giant mutant monsters, is currently featured on the App Store! Download & play it now

        Fight & Control Mutant Monsters in The Sandbox!

          Ever wanted to pit Giant Monsters against each other in a world you made yourself? Discover the power of the MutaGem, and experiment with it on living elements! You can even use the MindRay to control them and fight yourself!

          Download it Now: The Sandbox 1.99987 (FREE)

          Garfield “Back to the ’80s” is now live!

            Garfield and his friends take a blast to the past! Discover a brand-new story line and meet Robbie! Jon turned his car into a time-travel machine and Garfield and friends are sent back to the ’80s!

            Update Now for the “Back to the ’80s” special event, starting on July 15th: http://bit.ly/garfield-game