The Sandbox Featured in Best New Game Updates

    Have you downloaded the “Brainiac” update yet and played with the new Brainiac and Bodies elements?

    Unleash the Brainiac powers: Craft & Control Contraptions Bodies!

      The new update of The Sandbox is now available on the AppStore. Download Now: The Sandbox 1.997 (FREE)

      The Brainiac lets you assemble complex contraptions, move them, transport materials or activate separate actions!
      Use any of the 8 fantastic Interactive Bodies to connect with the Brainiac: Spaceship, Plane, Flying Car, UFO, Train, Drill, Mechcloud and Kamikaze Drone!
      You can also make your own multipixels combination from existing elements –unlimited fun with advanced contraptions!

      Need more Levels? Not 1 but 2 campaigns (with one free) for a total of 17 levels that will train you through all the mechanics of the Brainiac!

      Grub is featured in Best New Game Updates

        Try the newest features, such as the Survival Mode and additional Leaderboards, grab now the new update of Grub:

        Garfield and Pixowl Partner to Create Original Garfield Mobile Game (coming soon!)

          We are happy to announce our partnership with Paws, Inc., Jim Davis’ company that owns Garfield, one of the most beloved and enduring comic icons. Pixowl will develop an original simulation mobile game featuring Garfield for iOS and Android.

          Read press release here: