Horror is back: Eggs Monsters from Mars

    Why, hello there! It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? Hard to remember where we left off…

    But now, a meteorite has impacted Horror Town… Again…

    Now we got to help the kids figure out what Dr. Gray plans are, and why there are weird eggs all over town.

    Be an Everyday Superheroe!

      The gang’s school assignment forces them to think hard. What job do they want to do when they’re older? Being indecisive isn’t a profession, unfortunately… Can Charlie Brown find his true calling?

      In the meantime, Snoopy explores the idea of becoming a superhero, but does he have what it takes? Will evil prevail?

      Will the gang find their dream jobs? Will Masked Marvel save the day? Tune in to find out!

      Survive the deadliest family visit ever!

        Cleopatra’s relatives are coming to visit, and with that, the Mansion is invaded by gigantic carnivorous plants. The Addams family will have to do their best to impress those pesky relatives or become their next meal!

        Be prepared to welcome a NEW mysterious guest, who may be the key to surviving this deadly family gathering!

        Wednesday Wonderland is here!

          After opening an eldritch tome, Wednesday unleashes a spell that turns everyone in the Mansion completely insane, or more so than usual.

          The only way to revert the spell is to organize the biggest, maddest, most wonderful tea party that there ever was or ever will!

          Follow her as she gathers the necessary materials for the tea party, all while trying to keep her head attached to her body!

          Join the Peanuts Gang in Love the Earth!

            The gang’s school sends them on a nature adventure to celebrate Earth Day. Will Charlie learn how to grow a plant or will it wilt away? In the meantime, Snoopy has a family reunion and finds Andy and Olaf have a big farm project for the Fair.

            Will flowers bloom? Will corn ears grow? Will botanical reports be finished in time?

            Will old friends come to the rescue? Join the quest to find out the answers!