St Patricks in Snoopy’s Town Tale

    St. Patrick’s month has begun with the Peanuts gang! Legend says that the luck of the Irish is in town for those who seek it. Maybe in the form of gold or magical rainbows. Help the gang to find it and decorate your town with new and beautiful objects! Also, a new kid in town brings some sportsmanship: Joe Richkid! Meet him and learn why you shouldn’t step on his golf shoes!
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    Goosebumps – Beast beneath the sink!

      Our luck couldn’t get worse for St. Patrick’s day! The lake at the promenade didn’t prosper. The Mayor has neglected arrangements for the time being and that has led to an overgrown rainforest. The Wald twins live there and need all the help they can get to avoid getting eaten by a savage beast! This new monster is terrorizing everyone in town and now Dustin has gone missing! Help the neighbors to get him back. Play now for FREE

      Addams Family St Patricks

        Prepare for a St. Patrick’s event with dark humor, laughs and classic Addams kookyness! Pugsley wants to find a Leprechaun he suspects lives in the mansion and claim his three wishes…
        Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with the kookiest family and have fun with the cr…wait, why is Uncle Fester wearing red clothes?

        Valentine’s Day with the Peanuts Gang

          Are you ready to spend the most ROMANTIC day with your favorite NEIGHBORS? LYDIA IS HERE! And she can’t wait to dance with the gang and eat a lot of chocolate bonbons. Play now for FREE

          Valentine’s Day has landed in Horror Town!

            Unveil the romances, mysteries and quests on this month of love!
            Mayor has big plans for our town this Valentine’s month! With the new lake in our beloved promenade, she’s looking for new neighbors to come visit HorrorTown and enjoy all the attractions it has to offer. Play now for free