20 new Elements in The Sandbox Evolution!

    The Sandmix update is here, featuring a collection of new Elements from the most popular thematics of The Sandbox Evolution! Download it now!

    Over 20 elements to discover in this Sandmix update:
    - Potassium, Blizzard, Sailboat, Bad Brainiac
    - More Humans from different nations and ethnicities.
    - Shield and Speed Power-Ups for all controllable Heroes! (Originally only for Runner)
    - Create stunning chiptune melodies with 2 new instruments: the Drums and the Flute
    - Draw amazing pixel art with 3 new colour palettes
    - Loved our PAC-MAN update? 1 new Ghost and 1 new Power-up will spice up your mazes!
    - A couple of new Decorations!

    Thanksgiving is coming to Snoopy’s Town!

      Enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal with all your favourite characters! Play now at Snoopy’s Town

      - Start the holiday season harvesting new Items.
      - Cook your favourite dish with Snoopy’s help.
      - Prepare and decorate the Thanksgiving table.

      - 7 New buildings, such as Outside Grill, Carrot Farm and Thanksgiving Statue.
      - 4 New animations, such as Grill the turkey, Popcorn time and Harvest.
      - 9 New Items, such as Corn Bread, Strawberry Dessert and Turkey

      Our updates are featured for Halloween

        We’re grateful to Apple and Google for featuring our games in the “Halloween Updates” category. Don’t miss our Halloween updates for The Sandbox Evolution and Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale

        Halloween Update! Make Spooky Worlds!

          Halloween is upon us! Start crafting spooky pixel universes and make your own horrific game levels with tons of monstrous elements. Download the update now!
          Join the celebrations and share #Halloween tagged worlds Online Gallery.

          - Over 16 scary Elements: Demon Slayer, Headless Horseman, Necromancer, Goostba, Vampire, Mummy, Black Cat, Rat and more!
          - Halloween-themed decorations: Jack O’ Lantern, Scary Skeletons, Haunted Trees, Haunted Manor, etc.
          - Spooky Backgrounds.
          - New Pixel Art colour palette.
          and more!

          It’s Halloween time in Snoopy’s Town!

            #Halloween Event is on its way!? Are you ready for it? Make sure the gang is prepared! http://bit.ly/SnoopyTownTale

            Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.

            - The great pumpkin is coming, enjoy another Halloween night with your favorite characters.
            - Craft all the costumes and collect all the trick or treat candies.
            - Make your town as scary as you can with all the new content.

            NEW CONTENT!
            - 12 New Items to collect and craft, such as Candy Apple, Pumpkin Pie and Witch Costume.
            - 8 Narrative Quest to experience and a final request to claim.
            - 17 New Buildings, such as Haunted House, Autumn Square and Vampire Castle.