Winter Games 2021 are here

    The WINTER GAMES ARE HERE and the Peanuts Gang is forming a hockey team while Peppermint Patty and the World-Famous Skating Coach train in figure skating.
    Also, the baseball team can’t be left behind: José Peterson is joining them so talent won’t be missed. Are you ready? Play now Snoopy for free

    Addams Family 2021: What are your resolutions for the new year?

      The New Year is starting, the Addams exchange stories and new year customs from around the world, meanwhile the kids play some Winter Games. While Grandma tells stories about her adventures around the world, the kids prepare a series of competitions to create a new yearly tradition. Play Now for Free

      Goosebumps Horror Town is back with 12 SCREAMS OF CHRISTMAS!

        A Holly Jolly feeling is surprisingly filling the streets of Horror Town. Maybe the new girl, Susie Snowflake, has something to do with it? Or is everyone just happy to say goodbye to 2020? One way or the other seems like Mr. Piccolo will get his chance to make “The 12 Screams of Christmas” happen after all. Too bad he chose Marcus Mansion as the location…Play now for free

        Addams Family Mystery Mansion: “Normal” Holidays for everyone!

          The Holidays are upon us once again, and the Addams prepare for a “normal” celebration, or so they think! The Addams receive a strange gift from the town locals, so they try to have an abnormally normal Holiday!
          Introducing Power Ups to the Puzzle Minigame, a new way to beat difficult levels and create kooky combinations! Play now for free

          Christmas is coming to Snoopy’s Town Tale

            The most beautiful time of the year has come! Celebrate it with your favorite gang. Our Christmas event is LIVE! Let’s meet Sophie! The new member of the Peanuts Gang comes this Christmas to join a rather fun camp. Or so thinks Peppermint Patty…
            Play the game for free