Featuring x3 for The Sandbox this week :-)

    Triple featuring this week for The Sandbox on the App Store, Google Play Store and Mac App Store!!!

    Try out now the best for game ‪#‎crafting‬ ‪#‎Pixel‬ ‪#‎Worlds‬ or drawing ‪#‎PixelArt‬ => http://thesandboxgame.com/download

    “Popular Apps + Games” on Google Play

      The Sandbox is featured in “Popular Apps + Games” on Google Play store this week. Start Crafting your Worlds and Making Pixel Art on your Android phone or tablet: http://bit.ly/thesandbox-android

      The Sandbox Featured in Best New Updates!

        Explore the depths of the underwater environments and become a true expert! Download the update now!

        What’s new?
        New controllable elements: Atlantean and Submarine
        New sea animals: Shark, Jellyfish, Anemones
        New tech element: Torpedo Launcher
        And a new Campaign with 18 levels!

        Explore the underwater realm of Atlantis!

          Explore with Jones the legendary city of Atlantis, meet an unexpected ally and fight dangers of the depths in this new campaign! With the new underwater elements, create your own underwater adventure

          Download it Now: The Sandbox 1.99994 (FREE)

          Update 1.9990: New Cutethulu Monster!

            The new update of The Sandbox is now available, download it now!

            What’s new in The Sandbox 1.9990?
            - New Monster: Cutethulu. A giant flying Monster that can summon hordes of minions through portals and invoke a Meteor shower down to rain upon its foes.
            - New Enemy: Spawn of Cutethulu: Flying minions that serve Cutethulu that kamikaze in its name with an explosive attack that turns most living elements into Aberrations.