iPad Retina Display now supported

    Safari Party Adds Several New Features - Including iPad Retina Display

    San Francisco, California - Pixowl Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of several exciting new features to Safari Party, its popular iOS puzzle game. Retina display support has been made available for the iPad3, and multiplayer mode between iPhone and iPad users is now supported as well. Also, Pixowl has included real-time chat capabilities in multiplayer mode, which will certainly make things a bit more competitive. Last but not least, players can now play asynchronously in multiplayer mode - no longer is it mandatory to be connected at the same time. Players can invite their Facebook friends to challenge their high scores, and engage in battles of "one-upsmanship" at their leisure.

    "We're thrilled with Safari Party's new features, and we hope our fans will be too!" said Sebastien Borget, co-founder of Pixowl. "In our minds, a great game just got even better. And of course, it doesn't hurt that Safari Party is one of the only fully free games for the iPad3!"

    Since its launch, Safari Party has consistently charted amongst the top puzzle games, attaining a #1 ranking in the French App Store and securing a spot in the Top 25 of many other app stores worldwide. To date, the game has surpassed 400,000 downloads globally. Safari Party's fun and addictive game play makes it accessible to kids and parents, while at the same time presenting a formidable challenge that puzzle enthusiasts will enjoy.

    The game, in which players snap photos of exotic animals in a quest to earn the title of world's best photographer, combines arcade and puzzle elements with a Bejeweled-style playfield, resulting in a unique style of puzzler in which players gain total control over game play through the use of multiple strategies requiring both speed and wits.

    Safari Party comes with Retina Display support and OpenFeint and Game Center integration with leader boards and achievements, as well as various power-ups for added appeal. Additionally, the five hand-drawn themes and thirty-five adorable characters created by famous French cartoonist Laurel make the game truly unique. The inclusion of Safari Party's multiplayer mode is the result of a partnership between Pixowl and Nextpeer, a gaming service which specializes in the creation of real-time multiplayer tournaments for mobile games.

    Device requirements

    • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
    • Requires iOS 4 or later
    • Size: 35.5 MB

    Pricing and availability
    Safari Party 1.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store, in the "Games" category.

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