Invasion of the Body Squeezers update!

    A new creature has arrived from SPACE. Has it come to observe? Has it come to invade? Or maybe even to EXTERMINATE? It looks nasty, and it’s not alone... Play the new update now!

    - Find out more about the Alien’s true intentions in the impending "Invasion of the Body Squeezers"!
    - Discover the mysterious story of Shaeron and learn more about the eccentricities of Clarissa.
    - Balance improvement for chapter one animations and Items
    - New Improvements to Mini-events feature
    - Multiple bug fixing to improve your experience.

    x1 New Monster and 1 New Scene!
    x35 New Narrative Stories to Play with your favorite Characters!
    x33 New Buildings like the Super Rocket Ride, UFO and Cinema Theatre
    x29 New Items!