Celebrate Thanksgiving in Snoopy Town, Tapioca Pudding is here!

    In Snoopy’s Town we enjoy being together for dinner and give thanks with a grateful heart. Pilgrims, harvest, theater, licensing, turkey and many other things will happen in this Thanksgiving event, are you going to miss it? Play now for free!

    Goosebumps Squeezer Revolution Event

      Dustin finds out he has a charming distant relative… but just as she arrives in HorrorTown, some STRANGE lights start falling from the sky! Coincidence??
      The Body Squeezers are back with a vengeance! We need YOU to help stop the Squeezer Revolution! Play now the new event.

      HALLOWEEN with The Addams Family!

        Pumpkins, cauldrons and new outfits! It’s HALLOWEEN at Addams Family: Mystery Mansion! Play now for free

        Join the HALLOWEEN event in Wonderpark!

          Pumpkins and monsters! It’s HALLOWEEN at Wonder Park! Decorate your park with spooky props and get all the new attractions: the spinning Cosmic Horror, the Gargoyle roller coaster, the Demon’s Ferris Wheel and the Franken-Frankfurter food truck! Play the game for Free on the App Store or Google Play Store

          The Great Pumpkin will rise! Poochie is here!

            This is Halloween! Autumn has arrived in Snoopy’s Town, and within the most spooky time of the year. Don’t forget to check out all the exciting NEW CONTENT we have prepared for you! Play now for free.
            - Will The Great Pumpkin finally show up?
            - Will Linus prove its existence?
            - Will Snoopy forgive Poochie?