Time to get back to school… or maybe not!

    The school has been mysteriously destroyed! The Shadow Lord has returned after many years with shadowy desires. Why return now? Maybe Thalia’s presence can give Lucy and Dustin some answers… She knows about a hidden side of the city but… are they brave enough to follow her and check it out? Get the new Special Book: “Please Don’t Feed the Vampire!”. Catch it on the weekend offer! Play now for free

    It’s been a year: THE NOSTALGIA EVENT IS HERE

      Let’s all join our favorite family to remember the adventures they lived throughout their first year! For a limited time, you can get decorations from past events! It’s been a year since the Addams Family invited us all to their Mystery Mansion adventure. Meet Socrates, the faithfull Addams pet who has come to join the spookiest family! Play now for free

      Snoopy – Let’s travel around the world!

        Some people say you only truly experience a country by enjoying its favorite foods…

 Snoopy’s Town Tale is going around the world to explore international cuisine at the school’s Festival of Nations! Play now for FREE

        Goosebumps HorrorTown: Lights, Camera…HORROR!

          With Slappy as king of HorrorTown, renowned horror film director R.B. Farraday sets up the most terrifying amusement park on the promenade. What awaits those who dare cross its mysterious doors? Young Marty literally can’t wait to find out the answer to this question and embarks on a spine-chilling adventure with an enigmatic girl named Erin. Download now for free

            This year, the Addams Family Reunion falls on the same day as Grandma’s birthday, so her sons organized some surprises for both celebrations. The kookiest party where Addams from all over the globe will come to commemorate their annual meeting.Meet our new playable character: great auntie Sloom! Play now for free