Goosebumps Chicken Chicken

    Crystal is in town to bring flare to the promenade with the opening of the Hero Diner in Goshen Falls. Looks like an opportunity for Vanessa, Clarissa’s niece, to fit in the hero community. Too bad Crystal’s no hero at all… Play now for free

    Thanksgiving is coming in Snoopy’s Town Tale!

      Let’s all be thankful! Everyone’s making plans, but will they all be able to get together? And who will be the turkey? Also, Charlie Brown’s swimming buddy, Cormac, arrives. He wants to swim… and to catch Sally’s attention!
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      Unhappy Thanksgiving for everyone!

        A very typical Thanksgiving is coming up for The Addams Family. You know, the usual: soccer, food and much more…but with the kookiest and spookiest style! Auntie Sloom and Gomez will be rivals in a cook-off you can’t miss.
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        Join the Peanuts Gang for Halloween

          Halloween is coming to Snoopy’s Town Tale with a big Costume Contest, and Charlie Brown needs your help finding a great one! Also, Peppermint Patty’s tutor Maynard comes to visit her in order to get a head start for this school year. Will he be able to change her grades from a dull D- to an amazing A+? Play it for free

          Trick or Trap in Horror Town: the Halloween event is ON

            Join Horror Town’s most famous skeleton on his seek for scares. Will he be able to fit in the monster community beneath the shade of his sisters? Find out in this epic, bone-chilling Halloween story! Play now for free