You’re invited to the Grand Opening Night!

    The Mayor is putting in a great deal of effort to recover the neighborhood’s welfare by setting up the famous play “The Phantom of the Auditorium” at the promenade. Meet Zeke, her son, who has come for visit just in time for the auditions and…oh no, he’s gone out MISSING! Who could have kidnapped him? Get ready for the most DRAMATIC event ever! Play now for FREE

    Summer is here: Join the Beagle Scouts!

      Check the new adventures we have for the Peanuts gang! This summer is all about camping, hiking, and the most special treat: marshmallows. Join the gang for their special activities and meet HARRIET, the newest Beagle Scout! Enjoy her angel food cake with seven-minute frosting! Play now for free

      Welcome to the Crow Camp!

        Summer is around the corner and… Morticia has the greatest idea: create a Crow Scout troop so the kids can learn everything about nature! Will Wednesday and Pugsley be excited as much as we are?
        Find out NOW! Meet our new visitor: The Tailor! Play for Free

        The Tennis Slam is here: New outfits, animations and a lot of fun!

          It’s Tennis season in Snoopy’s Town Tale and Molly Volley is here! Snoopy’s reluctant tennis partner is eager to win the doubles match. Enjoy their team dynamic on this update! Play Now for Free

          A knightly event for the Kookiest Family of all!

            Grandma released the soul of an old Family Knight, and it’s up to the family to help their old relative get his final rest. On this update, you’ll get to decorate your Mansion with exclusive knightly decorations. Also, try the new WEATHER feature!
            Play now for Free