Turn your worlds into a Zombie Apocalypse!

    Download the new update here! Arnold is back on a mission - to kill Zombies and help protect survivors to stay alive with the army! How long will you survive the invasion? Can you cure this world or will you let the zombies spread out the plague?

    - 5 zombie-themed new elements: Zombie, Stalker Zombie, Bloated Zombie. Zombie Virus, Antidote Particle.
    - 4 new Weapons for Arnold (controllable hero): Handgun, Shotgun, Antidote Gun and the Rocket Launcher
    - 8 elements to join forces with the Army: Rescue Truck, Shotgun Soldier, Sniper Soldier, Hazmat Suit, Medical Tent, Missile Turret, Land Mine, Antidote Land Mine
    - 13 decorative elements to represent the Zombie Apocalypse in your levels more accurately: Broken Car, Broken Police Car, Broken Ambulance, Wrecked Tank, Wrecked Helicopter, Wrecked Car 1, Wrecked Car 2, Car House, Gas Station, Makeshift Blockade, Command Center, Hazard Sign, Lamp Post.