Play Giant Monsters & Destroy Cities!

    Download here the new update to The Sandbox Evolution = Monster Frenzy Update! Smash whole cities and fight the army with giant controllable Monsters Creatures!
    Destroy all buildings in a level to win!!

    + 2 new Giant Monsters with immense strength:
    - The Cyclops and his special Mystic Eyeblast attack
    - The Carcinos and his special Crab Typhoon attack

    + 2 Dinosaurs as Controllable Characters: The Spinosaurus and the T-Rex!

    + 6 Building Segments: make your own skyscrapers by stacking these buildings on top of each other.
    Each has a different power: Rifle Soldier (Attack), Restaurant (Heal), Bouncy (Jump) and Explosive (Explode)

    + 5 new Military Troops and an indestructible Base that spawns them: Fighter Jets, Rifle Soldiers, Homing Rocket Soldiers, Tanks and Helicopters!