Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown!

    Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown! What's that music? Acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, mimes, unicyclists and clowns! The circus arrives with Polly, the best animal trainer! Download it now!

    WHAT'S NEW? (Starting April 26th)
    - New Character! Polly is in town! She's a lovely circus artist.
    - New Zones to unlock!
    - New Levels to reach!
    - New Story Chapter!

    NEW CONTENT! (Level 50+ Content)
    - 1 New Character! Polly!
    - 13 New Decorations like a Diving Board, Small Circus Wagon and Circus Carousel!
    - 10+ New Items including Juggling Clubs, Clown Toy and Circus Snack.
    - 10 New animations like Acrobat Snoopy, Dance Like Nobody's Watching and Let's Join the Circus!