Drive 6 new Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter, Mecha and more!

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    DRIVERS, START YOUR ENGINES! Drive 6 new Vehicles with your favorite heroes behind the wheel.
    Let's go for a spin in a Tank, Helicopter, BattleMech, Submarine, Reaptire or the Bathysphere
    These new vehicles will expand the gameplay for every character you use with them!

    + Tank: This mighty war machine can shoot explosive shells to obliterate your enemies.
    + BattleMech: A powerful, rocket-propelled humanoid vehicle that can hover and blast electricity to kill enemies and electrify Metal wires.
    + Attack Helicopter: Armed with a machine gun and missiles, this small helicopter is a force of destruction!
    + Submarine: This vehicle can submerge and shoot torpedoes to deal with any foes you encounter underwater.
    + Reaptire: The Reaptire is a big, spiked wheel of destruction turned into a vehicle. It can climb any surface by moving towards it and explodes spectacularly on death!
    + Hazard Bathysphere: Less mobile than the Submarine, but resistant to Acid and Lava, this Bathysphere is used in hazardous environments.