PIXOWL / The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution is the sequel to the 2D pixel-art world builder game The Sandbox, which was downloaded on iOS, Android and PC over 16M times!

Use your godly powers to craft amazing pixel worlds or destroy the universe! Welcome to The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art world creation game. Play with physics, over 170 elements and controllable heroes. Make your own games or levels, and then share your creations online. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination!

Make Prehistoric Worlds in The Sandbox Evolution!

    Download now this update and dd giant prehistoric creatures to your worlds and see them thrive in your environments

    6 new dinosaurs to play with:
    - Triceratops: This large-sized triple horned herbivore can defend itself when in danger.
    - Velociraptor: A fast and ferocious predator, the Velociraptor spreads out to seek prey and regroups to hunt it down
    - Compsognathus: A very small but dangerous carnivore, he is easily killed but swarms his prey with the strength of numbers.
    - Pachycephalosaurus:His hard, round head allows him to charge and damage enemies that threaten his life. Nimble and with well developed legs, he’s fast.
    - Spinosaurus: The largest carnivorous dinosaur has 2 attacks (short and long range), and damages entities and particles while moving. It’s very hard to survive an attack of this apex predator.
    - Brachiosaurus: Pacific in nature, this gigantic herbivore panics when attacked (or when a carnivore comes too close) and attempts to stomp them.

    Craft and Play with The Sandbox Evolution

      We’re happy to see The Sandbox Evolution featured this week on the App Store “Craft and play” selection together with Minecraft & Scribblenauts games!

      Change your Hero Skin!

        New Update is out now, download it here http://bit.ly/TSBEvolution This update brings exciting stuff for both players and creators!
        + New SKINS system: choose which Hero you want to be!
        Play inside any user-made level and choose among 27 new skins for our 3 most popular heroes: Arnold, Avatar and Brainiac. Do you want to be a Hitman, a Rambo, a Terminator, a Disco Dancer, a Pumpkin Head, a Lizard, a Zombie, a Rapper or a Diva?
        + TRY any element you like before you fully unlock it. 

        Bring more Destruction to your worlds!

          Did you enjoy playing with Lighting, Earthquake, Tornado or the Nuke? This update adds 8 new exciting Natural Disasters or elements that cause them. Bring destruction and show you are a god with no mercy on your universes!!
          - Geyser: It absorbs Liquids anywhere below and generates a burst of Gases. Try placing it above Oil and Acid!
          - Fire Whirl: A raging Fire Tornado that burns and destroys everything in its path.
          - Tsunami: A tidal wave that will pass through the whole level, from left to right, destroying anything in its path!
          - Acid Tsunami: This Tsunami is even worse than the normal one. A giant wave of corrosive Acid!
          - Lava Tsunami: A scorching surge of molten Lava. Instantly destroys organic particles like Mud or Wood.
          - Smog: If too much of this polluting smoke reaches the atmosphere, everyone will start to suffocate. Use Trees to reduce the smog levels.
          - Acid Steam: A gas with the same destructive properties as Acid. Can trigger Acid rain if too much of it reaches the atmosphere.
          - Rainbow: This light phenomenon will become more visible in the presence of Rain.

          Craft & Control Dynamic Contraptions

            Meet the Brainiac! Craft dynamic contraptions, use it with our interactive blueprints
            Download (Free) => http://bit.ly/TSBEvolution

            - Create very advanced contraptions that player can move to fit into several bodies such as Tortodrone, Spaceship, Deathbomber, Megadrill
            - Make your own multi-pixels combination with existing elements and assemble them, move them, transport materials or activate separate actions
            - 7 new Textures available to make your Brainiac-controlled structures with
            - 2 new campaigns will guide you through the inner working of the Brainiac and let you craft amazing stuff!