Welcome to the Crow Camp!

    Summer is around the corner and… Morticia has the greatest idea: create a Crow Scout troop so the kids can learn everything about nature! Will Wednesday and Pugsley be excited as much as we are?
    Find out NOW! Meet our new visitor: The Tailor! Play for Free

    Addams Family Valentine Day

      Gomez recruits all the family to get the best Valentine’s gift for his beloved wife. Prepare for a Valentine’s Season full of dark humor and laughs. Come on, a classic day with the Addams!
      Play now for free

      Goosebumps Squeezer Revolution Event

        Dustin finds out he has a charming distant relative… but just as she arrives in HorrorTown, some STRANGE lights start falling from the sky! Coincidence??
        The Body Squeezers are back with a vengeance! We need YOU to help stop the Squeezer Revolution! Play now the new event.

        Spring in Wonder Park!

          Find out more about the new Spring Content in Wonder Park Magic Rides’ Spring update!
          We hope you enjoy this egg-citing new event! Play for free at www.wonderpark.game

          A Sneak Peek!
          - 20+ New items, like Carrots and SUPER DELUXE Easter Eggs!
          - 6+ New Buildings like the Carrot Stand and The Easter Egg Factory!!
          - 4+ new attractions, like the Easter Slides and the Bunny Basket!
          - 15+ New Decorations! Spring-ify your Park with the Bunny House, the Egg Basket, the Carrot Patch… And more!

          Santa to the Rescue in Christmas Update!

            WINTERVAL IS HERE! There has been a revolt in the North Pole. The reindeers were taken hostage and only Santa Nick can rescue them!
            Play now with this update!

            Get the new Winterval Pack and unlock all this content:
            ▪ New Santa Nick skins for Caveman, Fujin and Arnold.
            ▪ The North Pole Reindeer. You need to save them all to win the level.
            ▪ Rogue Elf. These revel workers will attack you on sight.
            ▪ New Decorations for your Winterval town!
            ▪ Gift. Reach them and get some valuable items for your heroes.
            ▪ The Grouch. He will leave fake gifts that explode when opened!