EASTER IS HERE: Join the Peanuts Gang!

    Easter is coming and Sally is planning an Easter egg hunt, but Linus doesn’t see the point since the Easter Beagle will bring eggs for everyone! Speaking of the Easter Beagle, will he wake up in time? Play now for free

    Grand Premiere: a new event in Snoopy’s Town!

      The Peanuts Gang is producing a movie and we are presenting a new way to play the events. Are you ready to enjoy it to the fullest? Play now Snoopy’s game for free

      Celebrate St. Patrick’s Event with Snoopy!

        Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day with all your favorite characters! Play now for free

        Let’s take a Sneak Peek!
        - Rover is in town! Make sure he has a good time!
        - 15+ Buildings like Leprechaun House, Rainbow Fences and a St. Patrick’s Train!
        - 12+ Items like Pot of Gold, Clover Costume and Irish Cupcake!
        - 15+ Animations like Playing the Dobro, That Old Sign and Catch the Leprechaun!
        - 10+ New Quests!
        - New level!
        - New map zone!

        Enjoy a Valentine’s Day with all your favorite Snoopy characters!

          Valentine’s Day is here! Wrap and craft sweets for your favorite Peanuts characters! The event will officially start on February 6th.
          Play now and download for Free

          NEW CONTENT!
          - 1 New Character: Harold Angel!
          - +10 Buildings like a DJ Cabin, Glitter Hearts and a Romantic Park!
          - +10 Animations like “The First Greeting Card”, “Just Passing By…” and “Best Movie Ever!”
          - +8 Items to collect and craft such as “Dancer Outfit”, “Disco Tickets” and “Cinema Snack”.
          - +12 New Narratives!
          - New zone available!
          - New level!
          - New packs!

          Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Snoopy!

            Happy Valentine’s Day! Snoopy reads a letter from Lila while Lucy, Charlie and Linus struggle to celebrate love.
            Download the latest Event of the game => http://bit.ly/snoopytowntale

            WHAT’S NEW?
            - Meet Lila! Who is she? Why is Snoopy acting so strange?
            - Share Sweets and Chocolates with your favorite characters.
            - Help Charlie Brown in his first date!

            NEW CONTENT!
            - 1 New Character! Lila!
            - 20+ New Decorations like the Flower Castle, Pink Tree and the Perfumerie.
            - 10+ New Items like Caramel Waffle, Love Breakfast and Walnut Chocolate cookie!
            - 15+ New animations celebrate Valentines