Christmas is coming to Snoopy Town

    Christmas is coming and two new neighbours join the Gang! 3&4! These two sisters know exactly why they came to Snoopy Town. Discover their intentions in the new Event. Play now for FREE
    Christmas Update! 50% OFF on 2 In-App Purchases

    Celebrate Thanksgiving in Snoopy Town, Tapioca Pudding is here!

      In Snoopy’s Town we enjoy being together for dinner and give thanks with a grateful heart. Pilgrims, harvest, theater, licensing, turkey and many other things will happen in this Thanksgiving event, are you going to miss it? Play now for free!

      The Great Pumpkin will rise! Poochie is here!

        This is Halloween! Autumn has arrived in Snoopy’s Town, and within the most spooky time of the year. Don’t forget to check out all the exciting NEW CONTENT we have prepared for you! Play now for free.
        - Will The Great Pumpkin finally show up?
        - Will Linus prove its existence?
        - Will Snoopy forgive Poochie?

        Snoopy’s Town Tale Relaunches with All-New Classic Animation Look to Celebrate Peanuts 70th Anniversary

          Hit Mobile Game for iOS and Android Pays Homage to Charles Schulz with Complete Remake of Every Character and Animation in the Style of Classic Comics and Animated Specials
          In addition to the sweeping graphic overhaul of the game to immerse players in the classic look and feel of Peanuts, today’s update also brings a new character, Roy, and new school- themed adventures. Peppermint Patty is upset she’s never been awarded a Gold Star in school, while Charlie Brown considers his chances to win a city-wide spelling bee. This continues the game’s tradition of monthly new narrative and gameplay content so there’s always something new for players to experience.

          Snoopy Town goes to Outer Space

            Enjoy an Outer Space experience with all your favourite characters! Meet Ethan! Are you ready for gravity zero? Snoopy and his friends take you on a SPACE TRAINING adventure in the NEW UPDATE!