Enjoy Christmas time with Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang!

    Christmas is coming! Wrap and craft gifts for your favorite Peanuts characters!

    - Snow is falling! Make your town have the best Christmas ever!
    - Craft all the gifts in the Christmas Tower!
    - Complete all the new Christmas Quests!
    - New Tap & Hold feature!
    - New Quest to visit Charlie Town!

    - 20+ New Items to collect and craft, such as Pecan Pie, Elf Costume and Ice Cream.
    - 15+ Narrative Quests to experience!
    - 25+ New Buildings, such as Christmas Tower, Christmas Bakery and Decorated Bottles!

    “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Event Update!

      Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.
      Play with Snoopy & Charlie now!

      WHAT’S NEW? (Starting September 13th)
      - New Charlie Town Quest!
      - New constant packs!
      - Bug fixed the Supplier ON/OF mechanic!
      - Bug fixed the Gift Gauge!
      - Bug fixed the road edit mode!
      - Bug fixed multi placeable buildings in quests!
      - Bug fixed for Character Portraits!

      - 1 New Character! Faron the Cat!
      - 5+ New Decorations like Horror Tree, Scary Pumpkins and a Small Castle!
      - 5+ New Items like Jack O’ Lantern costume, Sweet Tooth and Sweet Box!
      - 10+ New animations like Clown toy practice, Who is Jack O’Lantern? and Ghost stories…

      Snoopy celebrates the World Cup!

        Enjoy a fun soccer tournament and meet 5, the new kid in town!
        Play Now the new update of Snoopy’s Town Tale!

        WHAT’S NEW?
        - Meet 5! He is a great soccer and baseball player, and he also knows how to dance!
        - Share Soccer Cleats and Shirts with your favorite characters.
        - Help 5 win the Soccer Cup!
        - Unlock new areas!

        NEW CONTENT!
        - 1 New Character! 5!
        - 5+ New Decorations like Stadium, Soccer Field and Winner Snoopy
        - 5+ New Items like Soccer Ball, Cleats and Shirts.
        - 10+ New animations like Practicing Baseball, Some advice and A little dance never hurts!

        Snoopy siblings meet in your Town!

          Experience the Snoopy’s Family Reunion with this new Update. Meet Marbles!
          >> Download the update

          WHAT’S NEW? (Starting March 7th)
          - Marbles is in town! Make him have a good time!
          - Make all the Snoopy siblings perform new animations together.
          - Help Charlie Brown take care of all the puppies.

          NEW CONTENT! (Level 40+ Content)
          - 1 New Character! Marbles!
          - 10 New Decorations like the Belle’s Beauty Studio, Jalapeño Farm and Bubblegum Machine.
          - 10+ New Items like Dog treat, Ball of wool and Cactus.
          - 10 New animations like Shower Time, Cactus shopper and Big band.

          Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Snoopy!

            Happy Valentine’s Day! Snoopy reads a letter from Lila while Lucy, Charlie and Linus struggle to celebrate love.
            Download the latest Event of the game => http://bit.ly/snoopytowntale

            WHAT’S NEW?
            - Meet Lila! Who is she? Why is Snoopy acting so strange?
            - Share Sweets and Chocolates with your favorite characters.
            - Help Charlie Brown in his first date!

            NEW CONTENT!
            - 1 New Character! Lila!
            - 20+ New Decorations like the Flower Castle, Pink Tree and the Perfumerie.
            - 10+ New Items like Caramel Waffle, Love Breakfast and Walnut Chocolate cookie!
            - 15+ New animations celebrate Valentines