Celebrate Easter with Peanuts and the Gang!

    Enjoy an Easter Day with Snoopy & all your favorite characters! Find out more about the Easter content in the Easter Update! Play now for free

    St Patricks in Snoopy’s Town Tale

      St. Patrick’s month has begun with the Peanuts gang! Legend says that the luck of the Irish is in town for those who seek it. Maybe in the form of gold or magical rainbows. Help the gang to find it and decorate your town with new and beautiful objects! Also, a new kid in town brings some sportsmanship: Joe Richkid! Meet him and learn why you shouldn’t step on his golf shoes!
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      Valentine’s Day with the Peanuts Gang

        Are you ready to spend the most ROMANTIC day with your favorite NEIGHBORS? LYDIA IS HERE! And she can’t wait to dance with the gang and eat a lot of chocolate bonbons. Play now for FREE

        Christmas is coming to Snoopy Town

          Christmas is coming and two new neighbours join the Gang! 3&4! These two sisters know exactly why they came to Snoopy Town. Discover their intentions in the new Event. Play now for FREE
          Christmas Update! 50% OFF on 2 In-App Purchases

          The Great Pumpkin will rise! Poochie is here!

            This is Halloween! Autumn has arrived in Snoopy’s Town, and within the most spooky time of the year. Don’t forget to check out all the exciting NEW CONTENT we have prepared for you! Play now for free.
            - Will The Great Pumpkin finally show up?
            - Will Linus prove its existence?
            - Will Snoopy forgive Poochie?