Pre-Registration Begins for The Addams Family Mystery Mansion

    Pre-Register now & be the first to play “The Addams Family Mystery Mansion” – our new mobile builder game launching with the upcoming MGM film The Addams Family on App Store & Google Play

    Watch the Trailer:

    The new mobile game is based on the highly anticipated animated movie, The Addams Family, from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), which opens in theaters worldwide on October 11, 2019. The game will have an original story and simulation gameplay based on Pixowl’s experience producing hit player-centric world building experiences and character-driven narratives.

    In The Addams Family Mystery Mansion, something mysterious is afoot! Upon returning to their Mansion, Morticia and Gomez need the player’s help to reunite the rest of the family and re-furnish their home. Through chapters and missions driven by the game’s original story and witty dialog, players will collect favorite characters from the movie and expand their catalogue of spooky furniture and decorations.

    Haunted Halloween comes to Goosebumps HorrorTown!

      HALLOWEEN is near and everyone is decorating the house for the event. Neighbours think and prepare their costumes for this special night.
      However SLAPPY has an ENCHANTING surprise in mind for everyone in HorrorTown! Play now!

      - 4 New characters! Sarah, Sonny, Sam and Walter!
      - 10 New Monsters like the witches and the headless horseman!
      - 50 New missions inspired in the movie!
      - 42 New buildings and decorations like the Junk Bros’ Commercial Office and the Witches’ Sabbath!
      - 32 New items like the Halloween Candy Basket and the Jack-O’-Lantern!
      - 38 New animations like Trick-or-treating and Trying the Tesla Coil Model

      We loved the movie “Wreck-it-Ralph”

        We went to see the latest Disney movie in theater, Wreck-It Ralph (Trailer) and …… we LOVED it!

        Here is a fan art of the Grub with Vanellope, the heroine of the animated movie!