Time to get back to school… or maybe not!

    The school has been mysteriously destroyed! The Shadow Lord has returned after many years with shadowy desires. Why return now? Maybe Thalia’s presence can give Lucy and Dustin some answers… She knows about a hidden side of the city but… are they brave enough to follow her and check it out? Get the new Special Book: “Please Don’t Feed the Vampire!”. Catch it on the weekend offer! Play now for free

    Goosebumps HorrorTown: Lights, Camera…HORROR!

      With Slappy as king of HorrorTown, renowned horror film director R.B. Farraday sets up the most terrifying amusement park on the promenade. What awaits those who dare cross its mysterious doors? Young Marty literally can’t wait to find out the answer to this question and embarks on a spine-chilling adventure with an enigmatic girl named Erin. Download now for free

      LONG LIVE THE KING? Let’s play to find out!

        Join Horror Town’s TV Station hosts Jack-O and Ezequiel for an untold story in which horrortowners seek for a Mayor replacement. Experience the independence month with your favorite Goosebumps characters and check how Mr. Zarwid puts “Be afraid!” card game in Connor’s hands in the midst of elections season. Play now for FREE!

        You’re invited to the Grand Opening Night!

          The Mayor is putting in a great deal of effort to recover the neighborhood’s welfare by setting up the famous play “The Phantom of the Auditorium” at the promenade. Meet Zeke, her son, who has come for visit just in time for the auditions and…oh no, he’s gone out MISSING! Who could have kidnapped him? Get ready for the most DRAMATIC event ever! Play now for FREE

          Horror Town has gone VIRAL: PLAY IT NOW

            It came from the Internet: this time the enemy is digital! People are starting to go back in the streets after the outbreak and the kids in town are hyped up by Mark and Rachel’s new game release: Spyder. What no one figured is that Dr. Bronstein, their former teacher, would find in their game the perfect host for his evil masterplan. Play now this retro-futuristic suspense experience and celebrate with us our second anniversary!