You’re invited to the Grand Opening Night!

    The Mayor is putting in a great deal of effort to recover the neighborhood’s welfare by setting up the famous play “The Phantom of the Auditorium” at the promenade. Meet Zeke, her son, who has come for visit just in time for the auditions and…oh no, he’s gone out MISSING! Who could have kidnapped him? Get ready for the most DRAMATIC event ever! Play now for FREE

    Horror Town has gone VIRAL: PLAY IT NOW

      It came from the Internet: this time the enemy is digital! People are starting to go back in the streets after the outbreak and the kids in town are hyped up by Mark and Rachel’s new game release: Spyder. What no one figured is that Dr. Bronstein, their former teacher, would find in their game the perfect host for his evil masterplan. Play now this retro-futuristic suspense experience and celebrate with us our second anniversary!

      Goosebumps Monster Blood Event

        What once was a Toy Shop now is a junkyard filled with chemical waste. Sounds like the perfect plan for Evan and Andy, until they discover Monster Blood… Play now for free

        Goosebumps – Beast beneath the sink!

          Our luck couldn’t get worse for St. Patrick’s day! The lake at the promenade didn’t prosper. The Mayor has neglected arrangements for the time being and that has led to an overgrown rainforest. The Wald twins live there and need all the help they can get to avoid getting eaten by a savage beast! This new monster is terrorizing everyone in town and now Dustin has gone missing! Help the neighbors to get him back. Play now for FREE

          Valentine’s Day has landed in Horror Town!

            Unveil the romances, mysteries and quests on this month of love!
            Mayor has big plans for our town this Valentine’s month! With the new lake in our beloved promenade, she’s looking for new neighbors to come visit HorrorTown and enjoy all the attractions it has to offer. Play now for free