Goosebumps Squeezer Revolution Event

    Dustin finds out he has a charming distant relative… but just as she arrives in HorrorTown, some STRANGE lights start falling from the sky! Coincidence??
    The Body Squeezers are back with a vengeance! We need YOU to help stop the Squeezer Revolution! Play now the new event.

    Welcome to the Deadhouse!

      Students go on excursions to Dark Falls Chemicals to discover details about physics, chemistry … and monsters ?! Discover what mysteries are hidden behind the real estate agent Compton Dawes!
      A new event arrives at Horror Town! Play now for free

      HorrorTown New Update – Camp Nightmare!

        Join us for crackling campfires, stargazing, classic camp games, escaping from monsters?! Experience a this new event with Camp Nightmare, a classic Goosebumps tale brought to life in Horror Town!
        Download now for free

        Deep Trouble update

          Two new stories arrive at Horror Town! Dive into these new adventures, with Deep Trouble and Creep from the Deep! Play now

          Goosebumps – How I Got My Shrunken Head Update

            The Easter Carnival event has concluded—and a new story, “How I Got My Shrunken Head” arrives! Find out what the mysterious Witch-Doctor from the Muglani tribe seeks, but don’t lose your head!
            Play for free now!