Goosebumps HorrorTown – Attack of the Christmas Presents Event!!

    Christmas Ghosts invade HorrorTown! How will everyone react when even the presents come back to life? Find out with the Attack of the Christmas Presents!

    ▪ There’s are TWO new CHARACTERS in Town: Claus and Sader join the neighborhood!
    ▪ 2 new Character Houses
    ▪ 1 new Scenes Buildings
    ▪ 1 new Crafting Building
    ▪ 1 new Growing Tree. Upgrade it!
    ▪ 30+ new buildings like the Woodshop’s Market, the Christmas Presents and the Snow Abomination!
    ▪ 25 new Narrative Stories!!!
    ▪ 18 new animations!
    ▪ 15 new items
    ▪ Event exclusive currency

    ▪ Upgradeable Tree: A new feature where a decoration can be upgraded into new looks!
    ▪ Decoration Tabs: New filters have been added to the Decorations panel in the Market to better manage the decorations.
    ▪ Other adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant experience.

    Invasion of the Body Squeezers update!

      A new creature has arrived from SPACE. Has it come to observe? Has it come to invade? Or maybe even to EXTERMINATE? It looks nasty, and it’s not alone… Play the new update now!

      WHAT’S NEW?
      - Find out more about the Alien’s true intentions in the impending “Invasion of the Body Squeezers”!
      - Discover the mysterious story of Shaeron and learn more about the eccentricities of Clarissa.
      - Balance improvement for chapter one animations and Items
      - New Improvements to Mini-events feature
      - Multiple bug fixing to improve your experience.

      x1 New Monster and 1 New Scene!
      x35 New Narrative Stories to Play with your favorite Characters!
      x33 New Buildings like the Super Rocket Ride, UFO and Cinema Theatre
      x29 New Items!

      Snoopy celebrates the World Cup!

        Enjoy a fun soccer tournament and meet 5, the new kid in town!
        Play Now the new update of Snoopy’s Town Tale!

        WHAT’S NEW?
        - Meet 5! He is a great soccer and baseball player, and he also knows how to dance!
        - Share Soccer Cleats and Shirts with your favorite characters.
        - Help 5 win the Soccer Cup!
        - Unlock new areas!

        NEW CONTENT!
        - 1 New Character! 5!
        - 5+ New Decorations like Stadium, Soccer Field and Winner Snoopy
        - 5+ New Items like Soccer Ball, Cleats and Shirts.
        - 10+ New animations like Practicing Baseball, Some advice and A little dance never hurts!

        Magic is coming to HorrorTown!

          Download now the update of Goosebumps HorrorTown! The event will begin on June 27th at 12PM PST and finish on July 18th at 11.59PM PST!
          Ladies and gentlemen… and MONSTERS! Be amazed with the new magic event in town! Meet Amaz-O and his Horror Bunnies! Here is how to play this event:
          - There’s a new SEASONAL monster in town!
          - Make the Mystery Club INVESTIGATE the tracks of a new seasonal Book.
          - Release the HORROR BUNNIES scene!

          Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown!

            Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown! What’s that music? Acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, mimes, unicyclists and clowns! The circus arrives with Polly, the best animal trainer! Download it now!

            WHAT’S NEW? (Starting April 26th)
            - New Character! Polly is in town! She’s a lovely circus artist.
            - New Zones to unlock!
            - New Levels to reach!
            - New Story Chapter!

            NEW CONTENT! (Level 50+ Content)
            - 1 New Character! Polly!
            - 13 New Decorations like a Diving Board, Small Circus Wagon and Circus Carousel!
            - 10+ New Items including Juggling Clubs, Clown Toy and Circus Snack.
            - 10 New animations like Acrobat Snoopy, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching and Let’s Join the Circus!