Winter Mini-Event in Snoopy Town

    It’s snowing in Snoopy’s Town and the gang are getting ready for skiing, are you? It’s your opportunity to create your own ski resort!
    Don’t forget to check out all the exciting NEW CONTENT we have prepared for you! Play now

    Wonder Park Math Camp Event

      Summer is here, and the Wonder Park MATH CAMP EVENT has started! Don’t let bad weather ruin Math Camp! Play now.
      Help the campers out by hosting the best Math Camp at the Park, with new and exciting science attractions!

      Spring in Wonder Park!

        Find out more about the new Spring Content in Wonder Park Magic Rides’ Spring update!
        We hope you enjoy this egg-citing new event! Play for free at

        A Sneak Peek!
        - 20+ New items, like Carrots and SUPER DELUXE Easter Eggs!
        - 6+ New Buildings like the Carrot Stand and The Easter Egg Factory!!
        - 4+ new attractions, like the Easter Slides and the Bunny Basket!
        - 15+ New Decorations! Spring-ify your Park with the Bunny House, the Egg Basket, the Carrot Patch… And more!

        Celebrate St. Patrick’s Event with Snoopy!

          Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day with all your favorite characters! Play now for free

          Let’s take a Sneak Peek!
          - Rover is in town! Make sure he has a good time!
          - 15+ Buildings like Leprechaun House, Rainbow Fences and a St. Patrick’s Train!
          - 12+ Items like Pot of Gold, Clover Costume and Irish Cupcake!
          - 15+ Animations like Playing the Dobro, That Old Sign and Catch the Leprechaun!
          - 10+ New Quests!
          - New level!
          - New map zone!

          Goosebumps – Attack of the Masked Mutant

            The Valentine’s event has concluded—but “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” story remains! And a new adventure arrives, the “Attack of the Masked Mutant!” Play now!

            Take a sneak peek at the latest story!
            ▪ The Valentine’s event has concluded—but “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” story remains!
            ▪ And a new adventure arrives, with the book of the “Attack of the Masked Mutant!”
            ▪ A new Characters join the cast of Horror Town: The quirky Libby!
            ▪ 5 New Items, such as the Final Mutant Comic, the Masked Mutant Drawing, and the Masked Mutant Figurine
            ▪ 5 New Decorations, like the Mutant Vehicle, the Mutant Mecha, and the Molecule Melting Device!
            ▪ 10+ New Narratives introducing the Masked Mutant questline!
            ▪ 5+ New Animations such as Play the Flute, Sell Ice-Cream, and Show off Biceps!
            ▪ Other adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant experience.