Snoopy’s Town Tale: Let’s all search for dinosaur fossils!

    Charlie Brown and his friends are doing something totally new this summer – going to Paleontology Camp to search for dinosaur fossils!
    Will Pig-Pen’s “Dirt Sense” help him win the Paleontological Gold Medal? Will Charlie Brown’s fossil-finding team have better luck than his baseball team? Can Lucy find something from the stars on earth? Play now for FREE

    Make Prehistoric Worlds in The Sandbox Evolution!

      Download now this update and dd giant prehistoric creatures to your worlds and see them thrive in your environments

      6 new dinosaurs to play with:
      - Triceratops: This large-sized triple horned herbivore can defend itself when in danger.
      - Velociraptor: A fast and ferocious predator, the Velociraptor spreads out to seek prey and regroups to hunt it down
      - Compsognathus: A very small but dangerous carnivore, he is easily killed but swarms his prey with the strength of numbers.
      - Pachycephalosaurus:His hard, round head allows him to charge and damage enemies that threaten his life. Nimble and with well developed legs, he’s fast.
      - Spinosaurus: The largest carnivorous dinosaur has 2 attacks (short and long range), and damages entities and particles while moving. It’s very hard to survive an attack of this apex predator.
      - Brachiosaurus: Pacific in nature, this gigantic herbivore panics when attacked (or when a carnivore comes too close) and attempts to stomp them.

      Preview of Dinosaurs

        Discover the Dinosaurs in our most recent update:

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