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The Sandbox, which literally takes place in a sandbox, is a unique game based entirely on the four classical elements and the laws of physics. The player takes the role of "Deity apprentice" and sets about creating his or her own universe through the exploration of resources such as lightning, lava, sand, glass, and many others. Players will delight at the variety of missions they'll encounter, from simple tasks like using water and sand to make mud, to more complex challenges like making a battery or building an electrical circuit.

The Sandbox is one of the most unique iOS titles of 2012 in terms of looks (sweet pixel art) and gameplay (novel blend of puzzle and community)

Future Tech update is now live, let’s kickass!

    Welcome to 2016! The future is now! Add new Tech elements which give powerful new effects to your world’s creation: Force Field, Teleporters, Tech Trooper, E. Resonator and 4 new decorations: Tesla Coil, AutoTurret, Ultramodern Building and Headquarters.
    Download the new update now

    Happy 2016 to all our players!

      ‪#‎HappyNewYear‬ to all of you, dear players! We are really happy to see our community grow day by day. 2015 was an AMAZING year for us and that was possible because of each one of YOU. Let’s celebrate together and hope this new year will be even better!

      Happy New Year 2016 – Be Creative & Play!

        Many thanks to the App Store! The Sandbox is a “absolutely stellar game” #2016 Apps & Games Featuring ‪#‎Creative‬ ‪#‎Play‬

        This year, make your resolutions a reality from day one. With a little help from some big-time apps, you’ll be on your way to a better you. (…)
        And while you’re starting with a bang, don’t forget to make the most of your downtime with absolutely stellar games.

        Double Featuring in “Winter Wonderland”

          Thanks to the App Store for x2 the love in this ‪#‎Xmas‬ ‪#‎Holiday‬ season! We received a Double featuring with The Sandbox and Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale!

          The Sandbox Xmas Update is live!

            The festivities continue, and we’ll now celebrate Christmas! This update will have the following new elements: Santa Claus, the Gift Tree and its Gifts, Christmas Elf, the Grouch and 4 Xmas decorations!

            Download it Now: The Sandbox 1.99998 (FREE)