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Addams Family Mystery Mansion

The Addams Family is back! Ready to create the KOOKIEST Mansion?

Play with your all time favorite characters from The Addams Family!

Addams Family Game: Love is in the Air, St. Valentine’s Event is here!

    Gomez wants to make it up to Morticia for having forgotten their anniversary last year, so he has a plan to make sure that this is a sublime day. Meanwhile, Morticia also has some plans for this specially dreadful day, and she’ll make sure everything is macabre and gloomy, just like Gomez likes it. We bring 40 new Match 3 levels for you to beat. Get ready to unlock great rewards! Play for free

    Addams Family 2021: What are your resolutions for the new year?

      The New Year is starting, the Addams exchange stories and new year customs from around the world, meanwhile the kids play some Winter Games. While Grandma tells stories about her adventures around the world, the kids prepare a series of competitions to create a new yearly tradition. Play Now for Free

      Addams Family Mystery Mansion: “Normal” Holidays for everyone!

        The Holidays are upon us once again, and the Addams prepare for a “normal” celebration, or so they think! The Addams receive a strange gift from the town locals, so they try to have an abnormally normal Holiday!
        Introducing Power Ups to the Puzzle Minigame, a new way to beat difficult levels and create kooky combinations! Play now for free

        Unhappy Thanksgiving for everyone!

          A very typical Thanksgiving is coming up for The Addams Family. You know, the usual: soccer, food and much more…but with the kookiest and spookiest style! Auntie Sloom and Gomez will be rivals in a cook-off you can’t miss.
          Are you ready? Play for free

          Are you ready for the scariest night of the year?

            It’s Halloween time and the Addams are more than ready to celebrate their favorite holiday. Uncle Fester finds some tickets for a carnival in the mansion and that ignites the creative spark of The Addams. What better idea than a costume contest to celebrate the most awaited night by all! Meet The Photographer, the new visitor that will allow you to take kooky pictures of your mansion and share them with your friends.