Time to get back to school… or maybe not!

    The school has been mysteriously destroyed! The Shadow Lord has returned after many years with shadowy desires. Why return now? Maybe Thalia’s presence can give Lucy and Dustin some answers… She knows about a hidden side of the city but… are they brave enough to follow her and check it out? Get the new Special Book: “Please Don’t Feed the Vampire!”. Catch it on the weekend offer! Play now for free

    2 New Books Come to Goosebumps HorrorTown!

      Two brand new stories arrive in Horror Town! Gamble your life against Cronby the Troll, or face your fears against the Mud Monsters of the Swamp! Play now for free.

      • Two new books arrive in HorrorTown!
      • New permanent content available! Experience the “Deep in the Jungle of Doom” book, available at level 16 and beyond
      • 1 new Premium Walking Monster joins the cast of HorrorTown: The mischievous Troll, Cronby
      • New permanent content available! Experience “You Can’t Scare Me!”, a new book for players level 33 and beyond
      • 1 new Monster Scene, the Mud Sinkhole filled with Mud Monsters
      • New High Level Content available! Discover the Fever Swamp
      • 10 New Items, such as the Mud Vase, the Four Leaf Clover, and the Fake Rubber Snake
      • 3 New Suppliers for the new items, like the Hairdresser Salon
      • 24 New Narratives Including the “Deep in the Jungle of Doom” and the “You Can’t Scare Me!” books
      • 8+ New Animations such as Polish Gold, Dance Traditionally, and Practice Hypnotic Powers
      • 12 New Decorations, including Swamp Ruins, Pot of Gold and Four Leaf Clover Tree
      • Other adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant experience.

      Collect all the Goosebumps Books!

        HALLOWEEN is near and everyone is decorating the house for the occasion. A new feature arrives at Horror Town! Revive the stories you experienced through the Book Collection! And this Halloween also hides a HAUNTING surprise… Play now :)


        • 20 Books and Reward Monuments for the new Book Collection Feature.
        • 1 New Promotion Character
        • 8 new Animations like Talking with the Mask, Dancing like a Duck, and Chased by Masks.
        • 1 New Scene Building: The mask filled Novelty Shop
        • 10 Decorations like the Monster Gate and the Inflatable Dragon
        • Other adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant experience.

        Haunted Halloween comes to Goosebumps HorrorTown!

          HALLOWEEN is near and everyone is decorating the house for the event. Neighbours think and prepare their costumes for this special night.
          However SLAPPY has an ENCHANTING surprise in mind for everyone in HorrorTown! Play now!

          - 4 New characters! Sarah, Sonny, Sam and Walter!
          - 10 New Monsters like the witches and the headless horseman!
          - 50 New missions inspired in the movie!
          - 42 New buildings and decorations like the Junk Bros’ Commercial Office and the Witches’ Sabbath!
          - 32 New items like the Halloween Candy Basket and the Jack-O’-Lantern!
          - 38 New animations like Trick-or-treating and Trying the Tesla Coil Model

          Magic is coming to HorrorTown!

            Download now the update of Goosebumps HorrorTown! The event will begin on June 27th at 12PM PST and finish on July 18th at 11.59PM PST!
            Ladies and gentlemen… and MONSTERS! Be amazed with the new magic event in town! Meet Amaz-O and his Horror Bunnies! Here is how to play this event:
            - There’s a new SEASONAL monster in town!
            - Make the Mystery Club INVESTIGATE the tracks of a new seasonal Book.
            - Release the HORROR BUNNIES scene!