The Addams Family Mystery Mansion: New season, new event!

    Spring is in full bloom again in the Addams mansion, and this time Parker has prepared a ton of hidden eggs for Wednesday to find. Wednesday will not let Parker win so easily, so she suits up to concentrate and find ALL the hidden eggs. Play now for free

    EASTER IS HERE: Join the Peanuts Gang!

      Easter is coming and Sally is planning an Easter egg hunt, but Linus doesn’t see the point since the Easter Beagle will bring eggs for everyone! Speaking of the Easter Beagle, will he wake up in time? Play now for free

      Celebrate Easter with Peanuts and the Gang!

        Enjoy an Easter Day with Snoopy & all your favorite characters! Find out more about the Easter content in the Easter Update! Play now for free

        Are you ready for the kookiest EGG HUNT?

          An ancient tradition will be celebrated by the Addams Family! Spring rains have foiled Morticia and Gomez’s date night. However, this season can be really fun at the mansion too: the Spring Egg Hunt is ON!
          Grandma is conducting it and the kids are eager to find all kinds of exotic eggs. Join them in this spring event full of laughs, dark humor and spookiness! Also, check out the new VISITORS feature! Play now for FREE

          Goosebumps Monster Blood Event

            What once was a Toy Shop now is a junkyard filled with chemical waste. Sounds like the perfect plan for Evan and Andy, until they discover Monster Blood… Play now for free