Bring more Destruction to your worlds!

    Did you enjoy playing with Lighting, Earthquake, Tornado or the Nuke? This update adds 8 new exciting Natural Disasters or elements that cause them. Bring destruction and show you are a god with no mercy on your universes!!
    - Geyser: It absorbs Liquids anywhere below and generates a burst of Gases. Try placing it above Oil and Acid!
    - Fire Whirl: A raging Fire Tornado that burns and destroys everything in its path.
    - Tsunami: A tidal wave that will pass through the whole level, from left to right, destroying anything in its path!
    - Acid Tsunami: This Tsunami is even worse than the normal one. A giant wave of corrosive Acid!
    - Lava Tsunami: A scorching surge of molten Lava. Instantly destroys organic particles like Mud or Wood.
    - Smog: If too much of this polluting smoke reaches the atmosphere, everyone will start to suffocate. Use Trees to reduce the smog levels.
    - Acid Steam: A gas with the same destructive properties as Acid. Can trigger Acid rain if too much of it reaches the atmosphere.
    - Rainbow: This light phenomenon will become more visible in the presence of Rain.